Summer camp (seminar) Kyoukushinkay Karate

    Since May 8 to 12-Th 2012 y. in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic was held summer camp (seminar) Kyoukushinkay Karate.

    From different country 521 sportsmen took part in this seminar. In summer camp this seminar led president IKKO Teyyub Azizov (9Dan). During this seminar was practiced all Kyokushinkay Karate arts, additional was showed and explained fighting style new “S” version. Himself Kancho, founder IKKO “S” version showed fighting methods.

    Seminar extended 5 days. At last day of seminar was held Dan-test, which examined himself Kancho Teyyub Azizov. Sportsmen successfully passed and did well in their exam.
What do you think about the IKKF taking part in the Olimpic Games?

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